Who We Are

Flaming Silk Photography has been photographing weddings for couples since 2010. Based in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire we regularly cover Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Worcester and a range of venues across the South of the UK, but travel throughout the whole UK on request.

Business owner and Prinicipal Photographer Rebecca Reho has an extensive photographic background, having worked in the industry since graduating in 2007. She holds a BA (Hons) in Photography and worked in fashion portraiture and cruise ship photography before setting up her own business.

Here she talks about what lead her to set herself up as a wedding photographer:

“For years I worked for other companies, taking photographs based on company standards which frustrated me. It felt like a waste of my skills, as I could do so much more, if only I had the creative freedom to do so.

I love photography and have done ever since I got my first camera when I was in school. I started taking photos with a disposable camera and they were good pictures. I told my parents I’d like to have a ‘proper’ camera for my birthday, and my dad bought me my first SLR, despite my mum’s protests that I should probably have a nice compact first. I’ve not stopped taking photographs since so I guess my dad was right after all. I chose the college I went to based on which one had the best photography facilities, and I went on to go to the university my photography tutor told me was best for photography.

I would spend whole days in the darkroom if no-one stopped me, I loved having control of every factor in creating an image; controlling the initial exposure, the look of the image by my choice of film, the colours in the darkroom print…everything could be exactly how I intended it to be. In my free time I still like to take out my vintage cameras and shoot film photos, though I appreciate the advantages of digital technology more and more. I think my background in analogue photography has allowed me to understand well the techniques and trends in digital photography as they develop, most of these ideas being inspired by the original technologies I learnt on.

I believe I was always destined to be a photographer, there’s little else that makes me so happy, and isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a job that they enjoy? But the important bit, the bit that made me decide to set up my own business is this. I love weddings. I think this is really important, as I see every wedding I shoot as being special, important and unique. I want to know about the plans you have, the dress, the colour scheme, what flowers you are having, how many bridesmaids there will be and all the little details not just because it helps me to prepare, but also because I’m genuinely interested.

I think these are the things that make Flaming Silk Photography unique as a business, so if you’re looking for a photographer who is experienced, cares as much about your wedding as you do, and is friendly and fun – well you just might be in the right place”