The Archive part 1

I’ve decided to blog a few of my old pictures. I think you can learn a lot by looking back at the pictures you took a while ago and seeing which ones you still like or which you are still proud of.

This picture, for example, is one that I’m quite pleased with. It’s a photo I took on the beach while on holiday and it’s not a traditionally ‘correct’ composition; all the detail is off to one side, the lines in the photo lead to nowhere and the colours are ‘wrong’, skin tones shouldn’t be that colour!

But I think it is the colour and quality of the light, the contrast between bright light and the harsh shadows that makes this photograph really exciting. For me, it captures exactly that languid late afternoon holiday feeling, when your skin is crispy from the sun and your hair is dry and salty. And at this time of year, well, there’s nothing I want more than to relax on a beach…

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