Rochester’s first blog post

Hello! My name is Rochester, but you can call me Rocky and this is the first time I’ve ever written a blog post.

I am the Flaming Silk Photography family puppy, although I’m quite a Big Dog now! I am about 5 months old though everyone says I look even bigger. I like chewing things, especially shoes, and chasing squirrels and deer in the woods near my house. I also love Marmite!

Anyway, reason I’m introducing myself is that I’ve had my picture taken and I have to show you how handsome I am. Seriously, I’m irresistable. See for yourself…

That’s my serious face.

Blue Steel!

Magnum! Pow! Now you love me. It’s okay; you can’t help it.

I have to go now, my paws hurt from all this typing – they should make the letters bigger ‘cos it’s really hard to get the right one! I’m going to need a nap to recover….

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