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I have a confession to make. I’m pretty naive when it comes to blogging. I’ve not really done it before and to be honest I’m finding it kinda weird to get started.  I can’t decide whether it’s more like writing a very public diary or being the editor of your very own mini-magazine or something. Either way I wonder how the idea came about or why it proved so popular? I guess everyone wants to believe their opinion is worth something, even when it really isn’t.

So anyway, I sometimes work at a studio in Glasgow, fairly regularly actually, it’s kind of my bread and butter job, the one that makes sure i’ll be able to pay the bills.

Today when I was there one of the girls was bumping her gums about the credit crunch and how hard it is to find a decent job these days. Truth is it’s always been hard for Photographers who want to be on someone’s payroll but it’s is especially hard lately. I got to thinking that in fact it’s been months since I’ve seen an advert for a photography job, even in the ol’ British Journal of Photography.

So why is this happening? Is it just the credit crunch? Is everyone just hanging onto their jobs for dear life? Or are people increasingly deciding to out-source photography work and get freelancers to do the jobs? I know that Self-employment has long been the most popular route for Photographers but it’s only in the past year or so that I’ve started to realise how little choice is involved in that decision. Running a business of your own, even one which involves little initial investment or overheads, involves a fair amount of risk. No wonder then I suppose that the handful of jobs on offer are so fiercely competed over.

As for me; I’m tired of someone else profiting from my hard work all the time. I’m enjoying (mostly!) the challenge of trying to be a successful businesswoman. The freedom to create images which I love, within the clients brief of course, is so refreshing compared to working for others where you’re expected to fit in with a specific style that is usually pretty horrendous.

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