Paul & Becky’s Mod Wedding at Worcester White House 1

Worcester is Mr FlamingSilk’s home town, so it’s always fun to go back for a wedding. The White House Hotel – the venue for Paul & Becky’s Mod wedding – is right in the heart of the city opposite the train station, nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle. The day had begun very rainy and overcast, which is always a worry for a wedding photographer! But it cleared up by the time the preparations really got underway which meant that the planned scooter escort to the venue for the groom went ahead and looked liked great fun. Hurrah!

The Bride’s dress was beautiful, with a big train and lots and lots of lace, topped off with some fab Union Jack shoes from Irregular Choice. I love everything they do and they are a really popular choice for Wedding day footwear. The groom also had a specially tailored suit in traditional Mod style with ticket pocket, narrow lapels and skinny tie. It’s nice to see the Groom getting some fancy wedding clothes too for a change.

They had paid lots of attention to the little details that really made their theme work well. I won’t spoil it by telling you about all of them as I’d be going on for ages. Why not make it a challenge to see how many you can spot in the photos?

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