Nikkor 50mm lens 1

I seem to be getting worse rather than better at updating my blog. šŸ™

I blame my forthcoming wedding for taking up all of my time and attention.

I’ve bought myself a new/old lens. It’s a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8, an old film lens which I’m using on my D200. It works rather nicely, though for some reason the aperture settings don’t seem to convert too well, though judging by the results I got from my first test outing with it I don’t think that’s likely to bother me at all!

I’ve not uploaded the photos yet so you’ll just have to wait to see how the lens works, but I’m pretty pleased with it.

I’ve been buying a few bits of kit lately, filters and other assorted items, mostly from ebay and as they arrive in the post I’ll try and write a wee bit about what I’ve got, why and wanted it and how it’s working out for me..

But right now I’m pretty tired so I’m off to relax a bit and I’ll write some more coherent thoughts on the lens soon-ish.


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One thought on “Nikkor 50mm lens

  • liam

    yeah i know those old lenses i have a few with no aputure settings just depth of field, and you can have them when you take it from my corpse