Lensbaby Landscape

Lensbaby Muse

I finally bought myself a lensbaby, having wanted one for ages. It arrived yesterday, and of course I took it straight out and started playing with it.

I’m glad I did too, since it’s extremely wet weather today! I recently heard another photographer claim to have ‘Nikon Acquisition Syndrome’, and immediately thought to myself, ‘Aha! That’s what’s wrong with me’. I’ve been checking my ebay watch list 4 times a day, loaded my Amazon wishlist with all sorts of lenses and instruction manuals and accessories, and spent around 80% of my days thinking about how I’m going to get hold of enough money to buy it all.

The lensbaby is just a little treat, one of the cheaper things on my long, long list of wants, and I had hoped it would calm me down for a little while.

I went for a Muse, although I know the more up-to-date Composer is a very popular choice I had had a go on a Muse lens previously and liked it, I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with the Composer, opinions are divided by all accounts. I’ve got the plastic optic, which creates quite soft-focus dreamy images. I might get a glass optic too in the future, but for now I’m happy to play around with the plastic optic to see what it can do.

Here’s a sample of one of my first attempts with the lensbaby. I’m hoping to take it out a few more times this week, just as soon as the weather improves.

The tricky part I’ve found is getting the ‘sweet spot’, the part that’s in focus exactly where you want it. This is particularly important if you’re using the lensbaby to photograph people. (I need more practice here). If you’ve not got the subject’s eye in focus your photo will usually just not look right.

And here’s one that I kind of like from yesterday…

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