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Hey, Happy 172nd Birthday, Photography!

Today is World Photography Day. Now, normally on World Something-or-other Day, I would do what every other decent citizen does and continue about my day, ignoring any foolish efforts to ‘get into the spirit’. However, being interested enough already in this particular area to have made it my career, it would seem churlish now to not take this opportunity to say, ‘hey Photography, you’re pretty old now, but you know, you still look pretty good!’

It is in this spirit that I have decided to share with you my favourite photographs of all time. My own, and my personal hero, Sir Bob Carlos Clarke‘s.

I have loved his work since I first set eyes on it, the quality and the fearless eroticism somehow struck a chord with me all those years ago, and even now I find them compelling to look at.

Originally, I admired the ideas and the imagination the man had. Today, I still, in part, do. However, I also admire his mastery of light, the way he would mould it to do his bidding. There are others too who can do this, modern photographers with powers perhaps even better than his, but this was the first time I had seen it done.

My own favourite work is a set of three images. I took them on the same day, and from the moment I clicked the shutter on the first image, I knew I would seek out other photographs on the same theme to match it.

This is the first image I shot. It was taken in Penang, on the Malay Peninsula and was one of my earliest visits to Asia.

As you can probably tell, I did a little editing on them, but I think it’s effective. They are amongst very few of my own images that I still like a few years down the line. You know what they say, we are our own harshest critics!

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