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Claire & Andy’s gorgeous wedding at Crowne Plaza, Marlow

I’ve been holding this blog post back for a while; partly because I’ve been busy doing a bit of non-profit photography, but also partly because I have a wedding fair coming up in November and this wedding links pretty well with that.

So sorry for making you wait Claire & Andy.

The day was beautifully sunny and when I arrived at the bride’s parents house for the preparation photos there was a very relaxed and lovely mood, though of course this disappeared around the time the car arrived. I guess that’s when it all becomes a bit real.

Claire told me that both herself and Andy were not particularly keen on the whole standing up in front of all their friends and family and being the centre of attention aspect of the wedding day, and it was clear they were nervous about this as they stood at the front and said their vows. However, all anyone else could see was how much they obviously love each other. Check out the looks on their faces in the ceremony photos.

The team at the Venue were really professional and helpful, probably the best team at any venue we’ve been to so far. It’s nice when vendors can work together to make the day go as smoothly as possible, so a big Thank You to them.

The sun was starting to set when we went out to shoot the couples shots, which resulted in some really gorgeous lakeside photos.

Hope you enjoy.

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