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Claire & Andy’s gorgeous wedding at Crowne Plaza, Marlow

I’ve been holding this blog post back for a while; partly because I’ve been busy doing a bit of non-profit photography, but also partly because I have a wedding fair coming up in November and this wedding links pretty well with that. So sorry for making you wait Claire & […]

Paul & Becky’s Mod Wedding at Worcester White House 1

Worcester is Mr FlamingSilk’s home town, so it’s always fun to go back for a wedding. The White House Hotel – the venue for Paul & Becky’s Mod wedding – is right in the heart of the city opposite the train station, nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle.┬áThe day […]


The Grand Tour of America 1

It’s hard to believe that we’ve actually been back from the US for 3 whole weeks already, but I guess it’s good that I’ve been so busy I hadn’t noticed right? We had an absolutely amazing time, and managed to see a lot in the 2 weeks we had. It […]

Sneak Peek: Felicity

Last week I photographed Felicity, only 5 weeks old, but already a cute little poser. Initially, she wasn’t a fan of the strong light, but adding a little diffusion helped both with the harsh shadows and her sensitive little eyes. She also had quite a nasty case of cradle cap, […]

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Hey, Happy 172nd Birthday, Photography!

Today is World Photography Day. Now, normally on World Something-or-other Day, I would do what every other decent citizen does and continue about my day, ignoring any foolish efforts to ‘get into the spirit’. However, being interested enough already in this particular area to have made it my career, it […]

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