48.7 is the average age of the freelance photographer, according to a survey conducted by the British Photographic Council. I sometimes think that being just 26 puts me at a disadvantage compared with these veterans.

But then I get to thinking; sure, I’m a bit of minority – and sure I might feel like other photographers look down on me sometimes because of it (I’m sure it’s all in my head). It’s not like I’m being forced to drink from separate water fountains so it could be worse! I came to decide that being a minority just means being a bit different.

In business, being different means standing out. And, without a doubt, that can only be considered a good thing. I stand out, and I think our photos stand out too. To prove it, take a look at a few examples from the SWPP member’s day I attended this week. Thanks to John Denton for his wisdom and photographic advice and critiques, and the utterly perfect Fredau H. for her perfect posing. Hope to see you both again soon for another great day of shooting!


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