I’ve been quiet for a little longer than I intended, as usual! But I assure you I haven’t been doing nothing.

On the contrary, since my last post I’ve completely redesigned my website, with the new site almost ready to launch now, it’s coming very soon! I’ve got new designs for business cards on their way, which I’m really excited about seeing! I’m planning to use Moo.com to have them printed as they’re always good quality and a great service and this time I’m intending to get mini cards and stickers for complete brand synchronicity.

This week I’ve been at the Canon Pro Photo Solutions show in London, which was a great couple of days. Listened to some great photographers in seminars there and really got a chance to refresh the whole running of the business. It probably seems very dull, but it’s really important and networking with other photographers helps keep the passion alive, and that’s what gets you those great shots.

The photo for this post is a fun seasonal special for you, since Bonfire night is coming up once again. Taken with a tripod and cable release on a slow shutter using a sparkler to create the heart shape. I’m thinking of maybe using this as my new logo, so let me know what you think of it!

Anyway, if you are looking for a photographer or know someone who is for the 2010/11 season, get in touch real soon because availability is extremely limited already.

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